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Self Punishment

There are times in life when the cause of our problems stem from our actions. ⁣

Say, wrong calculation of your own decision, you took advice from others, or with so much shit happening it seemed to be the right choice. ⁣

Only to realize your own choice will bring you to the worst place you have ever been to. ⁣

In effect, you end up feeling stuck, or greatly disappointed in yourself. ⁣

However, if you take a step back and see this from a different perspective you will realize that since the root cause is you, you can fix you. ⁣

Accept it's your fault. Accept it was your mistake. Take accountability. ⁣

The moment YOU realize your inadequacies, your flaws, only then you start to have an epiphany that to make your life better you need to become better. ⁣

In BaZi, certain combinations of animals in a natal chart can determine if an individual has the ability to self-sabotage themselves. ⁣

This is mostly triggered the moment another animal sets in a month, annual, or luck pillar. ⁣

When this happens, unfortunately, the moment you decide at that precise moment you will feel as if it's your best bet. ⁣

So, if you are one of those lucky individuals that haven't made a mistake yet or do not wish to suffer the same fate, pay attention to your chart and foresee as to when this energy sets in. ⁣

The moment it comes, have the self-discipline to chill the fuck out and practice due diligence.

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