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Changing Friends

Weeding out some of your friends is often the most neglected yet very significant process for growth.

Since socializing is an important life activity, we sometimes come across these "Cotton Candy friends".

As Vanessa Van Edwards describes them, Fun for parties; super fun to be with but nothing to learn from.

These are the people you won't definitely call when times are difficult most especially during your free time.

Like Cotton Candy, you may want it once in a while but too much can cause you diabetes, sugar headache, etc

Eventually, you will want a full meal.

Our mind is finite. There is a limited space of information it can process at the same time.

Pushing ourselves to talk to them for the sake of being polite decreases the ability to maximize the mental space for many important things. Don't waste the space.

Life is not a popularity contest. It's better to be surrounded by a few quality friends than many Cotton Candy.

In BaZi, when you see a clash in your year pillar this further indicates there may be changes in terms of your social relationships. Use this as a time to reflect on who stays and who doesn't.

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