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Hard-Hitting Questions

Asking yourself Hard-hitting questions is one of the most difficult you can ever answer.

Some find ease in denial OR, worst, asking these questions stuns and end up relieving the pain or trauma.

Truth is when you dare to be honest and see these questions as a necessity to find yourself...

answering becomes the most liberating feeling you will ever have.

It becomes the step to self-love and clarity for what works for your personal growth.

In Bazi, one of the ways to determine if someone is going through a spiritual journey or self-reflecting, we look at the indirect resource star or clash in terms of hour pillar.

Should you find 2020 your clashing year in terms of your thoughts or your indirect resource, take the plunge, ask these questions and answer with truth and honesty...

I promise, no one will ever judge your answer.

Comment your thoughts would love to hear them! ❤

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