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Personal Bazi Chart

Actual chart based on a Person's Birthday and Birth hour.

Every personal Bazi chart has four animal energy. Each pillar represents different parts of your life. Sample below is what we call your natal chart. Do click link below to plot your chart. It's free!

Year - Represents your industry, colleagues, friends, clients or grand parents. Month - Represent your career and financial status, your parents Day - your health, spouse or home Hour - your thoughts, children and investments/assets

Below is an example of a person born on Sept 23, 1981 at 5:30pm

To get your general forecast, make sure to look at four animals and always take note what the pillar represents.

The relationship of these animals relate differently. They either combine or clash. Through these relationships, a Metaphysics practitioner will have a fair understanding of your personality, childhood or younger years. Using the same natal chart, it helps us see how your monthly, year or 10 years will pan out

If you are talking to a good practitioner, she wink wink will require ample time to read your chart. It's rarely done under an hour. Trust me on this, if she did it less than hour, it was only a general reading or was just trying answer your question.

Bazi reading takes a lot of analysis and understanding. Every practitioner knows in order to give you an in dept reading and to be able to give you a much sound advise, she should have a picture of who you are now so she could see who you CAN be. Hence the requirement of ample time.

My 12 animals general forecast up next!

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