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Money Luck

More often than not, when a person reads a forecast or consults a metaphysics practitioner the most common question is, "Do I have Money Luck?"

Money luck from where?

If money luck to you is a sweaty wad of money magically appearing on your lap...Im telling you are living in a unicorn world and you have to wake up quick.

Life is not like that and will never be like that.

Money Luck ONLY responds to value. Therefore, if you do not have value to others or will not improve to give more value nor simply take action, no money will ever appear.

Remember. No SELF MADE billionaire watched Netflix all day and became instantly rich.

Focus on what you do or can improve on to give more value to others. From there it would be easier to generate questions if your effort will manifest money luck.

In summary, before you demand the universe to give you money luck, ask yourself what are you doing in exchange?

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