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Lunatic, from Latin word Luna (Moon)

Police Department of Brighton and Hove, a City in South East of England, has discovered that violent crime increase during full moon and continues to increase in trend. At the same time, whenever they try to reason with people they are found to be more argumentative. With this discovery, they have decided to put extra police, only during full moon, to help control the increasing erratic human behavior.

A study was conducted by A L Lieber, PhD in 1978, for National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), "Lunar Effect - Biological Tides and Human Emotions" showed that Full moon does not cause madness and crime but brings out a certain energy through gravitational influence which causes social tension, disharmony, and bizarre results.

That's how Bazi- Chinese Astrology or any astrology work and why they are used as a source of information. Movements of planets or astrological bodies create a certain energy that affects the way we think or understand things. Our reaction to these changes or opportunities is what make our life as it is today.

A Bazi chart has so many room for interpretation.

At the end of the day it's main purpose give you insights of energies or opportunities that is yet to come and hopefully you could use to your advantage. In the event of negative energies, our job as humans is to practice self discipline, control and not allow it to take the best of you. In the same manner, allows you to use good stars/energy for proper timing to achieve career advancement or wealth opportunities. Allowing you to be in control.

Bazi is a little edge towards the ever changing natural environment.

Did you know that you have more than one animal (Year of the pig, rat, etc) energy? You have four! Yes, that's right. That's for my next topic! See yah soon!

Thank you for Reading!! Sharing is Caring!!

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