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Hardships before Greatness

You might have asked yourself many times...Why you. Why are you experiencing these hardships. Why can't you have a better life. Why you.

Every chance I get, all i do is search for people's birthday. My way to get to know them and how to fairly gauge their current luck and upcoming luck. I noticed, always and always, those that go through bad luck or any difficulty, success to them comes in the end.

Some on the other hand, go through much tougher challenges than others, these are usually charts that have Geng Metal. These are hard metal that need to go through extreme STRESS in order to become this beautiful, strong, important metal.

So, if you have a Geng Metal in your chart, embrace these challenges they are meant to happen 'coz you're meant to be great to achieve greater things. So don't give up.

Be patient, keep on fighting, continue to get up...Your success is coming.

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