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Blog # 24 : Change is Coming

I came across this article about BPO companies might potentially lose 800,000 jobs due to the ever changing artificial intelligence. Professor Monterola said, in a nutshell, if BPO employees do not get reskilled or upskilled they might potentially lose their job to an AI.

In terms of your BaZi chart, there are indicators of clashes which refers to change. These can affect your work, relationships or health. Every chart has this... as in EVERYONE. No one is an exception to change. Knowing this ahead of time helps you manage this and turn it in your favor.

Changes can always be painful. But if you choose to not let change happen to you and make the change happen instead, you can design your own life that’s favorable to you

Just face it, change is coming.

Once you have accepted and understood this, your pursuit to finding solution begins.

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