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12 Animal Forecast

This is! My general forecast for each animal signs for 2019. Remember you have four animals in your chart.

To plot your chart, do click link below. It's free!

Take note of the following!

Year - Represents your industry, colleagues, friends, clients or grand parents. Month - Represent your career and financial status, your parents Day - your health, spouse or home Hour - your thoughts, children and investments/assets

Horse - Seen as one of the lucky animals for the year. Opportunities for wealth through properties will be presented this year as well as connecting with high profile or of higher social status. However do take note, as these opportunities come to you so is solving problems. Take the opportunity to step up!

Rabbit - Opportunities for wealth will be presented to you. Makes you motivated to do your best at work. Noble people will be willing to lend you a hand whenever you need. You might feel overwhelmed with changes and challenges that come with it. Be grateful as these are good problems. If you have been looking for a good break this is the time to maximize the opportunities that come your way.

Monkey - Many wealth opportunities will be presented to you. Either through asset acquisition or through showcasing your talent or skills. Opportunities for big bonus or windfall is in the horizon only if you put your best effort. Be cautious though with the way you speak. You might offend anyone which can cause you greatly.

Tiger - If you have been working your hardest at work, your effort will have it's deserved recognition through job pay raise or promotion. In addition, You will have more opportunities to invest in good properties. As miscommunication becomes inevitable with people around you, do watch out what you say. You may offend someone unintentionally that can cause to escalate.

Pig - Do expect changes this year. You have to ability to mitigate challenges that come your way. An opportunity to learn something new or develop your skills/hobby further. Do take it! it will greatly help you for your career and personal development. To secure success in your current projects it's imperative to plan and avoid procrastination.

Rat- Opportunities for wealth will be presented this year through noble people giving you assistance. To secure success in your projects this year, practice pro-activeness as you execute your plans. If you felt that you were solving your problems alone last year, this year there will be helpful people to help you at work that will allow you to focus on what's more important.

Ox - If last year was an eventful year in terms of wealth opportunities, this year it's best to slow down and take a breather. Focus on your interpersonal relationships and take one task at a time to avoid monetary losses and/or mental and emotional difficulties and stress.

Dragon - If last year was filled with challenges, this year you can learn to relax and enjoy through opportunities to mingle and expand your network. Should you encounter bouts of mood where you wish to avoid attending event at times. it's best to control the feeling as these new network will be helpful in the future. Do be mindful of your expenses and prioritize savings this year.

Rooster - Expanding your knowledge in the work place will be one of your highlight this year. Grab every opportunity to sharpen the saw as this will be beneficial for you. Be mindful of your belongings as you are prone to lose them inadvertently or through theft. Practice safety when travelling avoid drink and driving nor driving during extreme weather. Keep your car serviced and well maintained.

Dog - Use this year to slow down and relax Use the time to give your mind and emotional being the peace of mind it deserves. Do practice patience and restraint as you deal with difficult people or setback at work. Always remember these are only time based and everything shall pass.

Goat - A good year for people working in a creative field! Be it in writing or designing. If your career is in none of these fields, best to start a hobby that would help release the creative within you. Otherwise, this may bring issue in terms of communication with others. Should this happen do restrain and avoid allowing your emotions get the best of you. Be mindful of your words.

Snake - As you face challenges or obstacle at your work place do not lose hope and prepare for contingency plans. Set realistic goals this year to avoid financial losses. Rest on luxury items for the time being to avoid further losses. Savings should be your first priority.

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