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Snake and Death

One of the key steps to conducting a comprehensive Feng Shui audit is to ask clients with numerous questions that help dive deeper into identifying their current problems/issues. ⁣

Without proper diagnosis, Feng Shui modifications would be useless. ⁣

One of my recent audits is an experience I cannot forget. Client discussed one of his business that was struggling. ⁣

Staff was always getting sick; then, if they are not sick, constantly fighting with each other. ⁣

It was as if a crisis was always lingering. ⁣

In the same location, they lost three businesses and tenants less than 5 years. ⁣

As I started my assessment, from forms to Xuan Kong, all seemed fine. However, when I plotted Qi Men Feng Shui... Alas, the main door's location was at Snake and Death door. ⁣

Placement is so bad all I could muster to say was "Ow". ⁣

A few days later sent my recommendations. ⁣

As I sit here remembering my audit experience, I couldn't help look back at all the people I came across who are as ambitious, very well-skilled, with so much potential.

Unfortunately, living in an environment that not only becomes a detractor but a destroyer of their goals. ⁣

As my teacher would always say, if you want to make your life better to either change yourself or change your environment. ⁣

Trust me... it's easier to start with changing your environment while you change yourself.

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