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Overcoming Illness

Those who are close to me are aware that my dear Mother was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

The first time I found out about this I was devastated. In fact, it took me days before I got up to start my daily rhythm... My Mother took it as a challenge.

She didn't ask for any sympathy and took each day as a normal day. Continued to stay with all her plans and didn't let the illness stop her.

A few days ago, she went through an operation and voila--- operation went without a hitch and the doctor was able to remove all the mass.

But that's not the clincher. Minutes after her operation, my superwoman Mom stood up, refused to use the wheelchair, left the hospital and went directly to the mall. Damn right! She went shopping...My jaw dropped because of so much awe.

My super Mom did not let the illness define her. She took control over her body and confronted the illness like a true bad-ass.

In face reading, a long philtrum is a good reference to check if an individual will not let any illness take the better of them. A person with a long philtrum has stamina, high-will to live, and energy. Of course, my wonder woman Mom has this.

So very proud of you Mommy! Love you!!

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