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Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you.

When I first heard my mentor Dato Joey Yap enunciate these words I cannot begin to tell you the number of tears I shed.

It shook my core and got me hooked.

From then on, for the past two years, I dedicated my free time to mastering the art of BaZi Reading and Feng Shui.

In the process of my discovery, this amazing quote is exactly the meaning of learning your BaZi Chart.

I know. I know. But why these challenges, these problems, these tribulations? What for? Of course, as we go through these shitty situations it's almost close to impossible to open your eyes and see the purpose. Which is why I cannot emphasize this enough, AWARENESS is key.

Knowing my inner strength, purpose, and ability is what brought back the confidence that I once lost amid these shitty situations.

Knowing and mastering thyself is the key to getting out of any of your problems.

Every challenge, every tribulation's purpose is not to shit on you. They happened for you to learn and for you to grow.

That very moment you want to begin to deserve that much better and prosperous life.

Comment below I would love to hear your thoughts!

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