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Haters gonna Hate

There is a certain level of importance in having your haters, naysayers, doubters at bay.

Every time I'm about to give up, I don't see my goal's manifestation... I see their faces.

I shit you not. My haters' faces.

All of a sudden I'd feel this sudden rush of anger that drives me to pedle my bike faster, work longer hours and work harder.

I would always think "Fuck, NO. I will not give up for you."

Unknowingly, they have become my source of motivation for my daily successes and to keep me moving forward.

The best part...they don't even know it!! 😂

To address your naysayers & backstabbers through Feng Shui, best to mitigate is your Flying Star 3 and face your Charisma Palace direction.

Through this, no matter the shitload of naysayers you get, you will find the right strategy to handle them without the need to burn bridges.

Share your thoughts would love to hear them! ❤

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