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Blog #31 Restful sleep

Sometimes, while going through a lucky (or unlucky) period, we choose to lessen our much deserved rest to get things done. I know...with so much things to do, we end up sacrificing something and always the first choice is sleep.

As we continuously deprive ourself of enough sleep, we slowly sacrifice our health and wellbeing.

As sad as it may sound, we sacrifice our self for the people we love to give them the good life and yet we get a payback with the worst battle anyone can ever face, illness.

That can be definitely avoided…Believe me. If you can't sign up that gym subscription near you, start with your sleep. When you are well rested, your mind becomes more open to finding new means to take care of your health.

So without further a do, here are some of Feng Shui tips that you could use to help you get restful sleep.

A. Always avoid anything that produces too much yang in the bedroom.

B. Counter any sha qi

C. Avoid facing your bed to creation palace or longevitiy palace.

D. Make sure your bed has proper backing.

Some asked, if Crystals are part of Feng Shui. No, Crystal healing is under Reiki, another form of Metaphysics that focuses on energy healing.

Yes, I have been hearing good reviews about this.

To learn more about Reiki, you may follow Dr. Rio Kasyap, a fellow Blogger, practicing Doctor and Reiki practitioner.

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