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Finding your Nobleman

I have this pre-blog routine. Hehehe

Before I start typing the words in my next blog, I always take time to remember the professor I had back in college, Bro. Dante Amisola.

I take time to reminisce about his words, "I like the way you write. You should continue doing it."

You see. All I needed was just one person. Just one. To believe in my skill and use it as a means to give it what I gotta give.

Finding a Nobleman in any BaZi Chart is one of the first steps in understanding a chart. This sorta a first step to finding one's clarity.

Finding out who your Noblemen are is an easy way to help you find out the steps to achieve progress.

If against all odds, you finally found who this person is and advises you different from anyone you've spoken with, your divine responsibility is to listen, take it to heart and take action.

I promise you it would be the greatest gift anyone can ever give you.

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