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Feng Shui & 2nd law of Thermodynamics -- Geo-sciences

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Johnny Depp, Annita Roddick - Founder of Body Shop are the few famous names that believe in CLASSICAL Feng Shui (The authentic one ha? Not those "New age", charms filled bullcrap)

But what is Classical Feng Shui? How does it work and why does it continue to attract more and more followers?

Feng Shui was discovered and practiced more than 3500 years ago. Their first practice was for selecting burial sites in order to allow living descendants to attain prosperity. Later on, the art was expanded to living quarters but was only practiced by the royalties. It was kept a secret primarily to protect the Emperor from rebels and enemies as they might use it against their kingdom. Years and years later, when Mao Tse-tung became China’s leader, a lot of great Feng Shui masters fled China and went to the neighboring countries such as Taiwan and Hongkong. Seeking refuge away from China was the silver lining. Learning the art became much more accessible to all cultures and age... Hence, you are reading my article today.

Feng Shui is all about tapping, harnessing, and/or mitigating good and bad sectors found on the external and internal environment.

What is external and internal?

External is land property, mountain, water formation that surrounds a home or a space. While Internal is the space inside your home. Qi flow is what the external emits then is accepted by the internal environment. To give you a better picture, Qi flow comes from the mountain that’s is collected by the water which is spread out through wind to the land.

According to Professor Kim Kastens, from Columbia University - City of New York, she explained how thermodynamics as a unifying theme of Geoscience disperse energy from the mountain, "...Concentrations of gravitational potential energy (aka mountains) and dispersing that energy in the form of kinetic energy of sediment particles down the mountainside and across the lowlands to the sea."

Lastly, in the aspect of soil vegetation, it has been discovered that plants thrive better beside river bends because the soil have been found to be more fertile.

This fairly explains, in terms of Feng Shui, why Hong Kong has the highest number of Billionaires. It has aligned land formation in accepting Qi flow.

Now you see why Feng Shui charms, color selection, nor number selection, do not and will never work.

Thank you for reading!! Sharing is caring!!


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