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Economic Forecast

Since I posted my video on Economic Forecast (if you haven't seen this video click link below) I have been seeing more and more alarming reports from Forbes, Bloomberg, etc.

Due to this, I started remembering the days before creating the video.

My husband kept on insisting that I shouldn't post it to avoid creating panic.

However, since I intended to help change everyone's perspective and see this change with the bring-it-on attitude I felt ultimately compelled to click the record button.

And of course, expectations and reality are never the same.

The expectation of taking me five minutes to run this video turned into 5 hours of recording and an hour of editing with an output of 4:44 mins video.

In truth, it became by far the hardest video I had to make.

The more I thought about my feelings then, I realized it became difficult because deep inside I was resisting this change.

I was trying to find a way not to make this happen.

But the more I continued to process and accept this information it became my very beacon to make the right steps in terms of my environment and decsions.

Don't get me wrong it still worries me, but I'm no longer afraid. I finally have full clarity on the necessary steps I need to take for myself and for the people around me.

I have finally gotten to a point where I can honestly say with full sincerity and conviction, BRING IT ON!

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