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I cannot begin to tell you how meditation changed my life!

It's no surprise why Oprah, Paul McCarthy, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, etc rave about meditation so much.

I'm instead left with limited words that can't describe the peace I feel.

But this I can tell you... It gave us both, me and my husband, peace, focus, and above all, CLARITY.

Clarity. Such a simple word with enormous meaning. Unfortunately, most people take this for granted.

In a world where everything has to be provided instantly, immediate self-gratification is becoming the new religion.

Sitting down to take things in no longer serves as a self-refuge but simply a waste of time.

This is where the problem lies.

Most do not realize without clarity, hard work is NOT enough.

No matter the sweat and blood you shed if you don't have the clarity to see your mistakes, directions to take, you will never go anywhere.

In Qi Men dun Jia, through meditation in the right direction is the first step in understanding the universe's language through the tool or your instincts.

Honestly, it has become my favorite tool to date.

If you are overwhelmingly confused, my strongest advice is to push yourself to take the time to meditate and activate your intelligence star.

By doing so, you will no longer see things as the "Black dot in a white paper"

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