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Blog #30 Predictive Feng Shui

Yesterday, while looking for our ideal new office location, my husband asked what was I looking for.

--In a nutshell, I was looking for a property that could easily tap main source of Qi while readily available for Period 9…I know too much Jargon. I’ll explain these in my next blogs.—

After breaking down Feng Shui to my hubby, he asked if I could tell through Feng Shui if a city or country is successful. Of course! Naman! (swiping my shoulders)

To give him a better picture as well as proof, we ended up looking at the map of Manila… Alas, and proof did we see. Did you know that mountains of Sierra Madre are so vast it practically covers the right-side map of Luzon? It's really interesting (I really didn't research much bout the name of the mountain but feel free to correct)

Anyhoot, while showing my husband how Qi works through the map of Manila, then later on moving on the richest cities/countries such as Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc., he became more and more interested and finally asked his most interesting question, “Could you forecast a location as to when its value will increase or reach its peak?”

While looking at the entire Philippine Map I said, Come 2024, Major Cities in the South will achieve its significant growth for the next 20 years. *Swiping my shoulers...ah-gain*

Could you guess what Philippine Cities I'm referring to? :D

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