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Blog #27 Spending Money during Mondays

My hubby asked me yesterday, in connection to Feng Shui, if spending money on Mondays contribute to further expenses. Of course, I said NO. Don't get me wrong I used to practice this before - "Bawal maglabas ng Pera ng Mondays" was my mantra with passion. After learning BaZi in a much deeper sense, I found out, howbeit spending or not on Mondays, anyone is bound to spend more in either a specific month, year, sometimes a decade be it for health issues, education, property, etc. Now, to combat money loss, best to proactively spend on education that will help increase your knowledge on financial management. Or keep your sights on paying off your debts. Or purchase things that give more return. That's it. Monday is just a doesn't have any magical powers to prevent nor cause you money losses. Youtube Channel: Instagram: @sofiarelosa #BaziPH #FengshuiPH #FacereadingPH #BaZi #Fengshui #Fengshuiconsultant #chineseastrology #chinesemetaphysics #fengshuilife #fengshuilifestyle #baziReading #positiveEnergy #positivelife #energyhealing

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