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Blog #26 Mirrors

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

A client recently asked if mirrors, as cures, have any connection to Feng Shui. There is none but I wouldn't say it's a myth; there's history.

Back in the days, a regular mirror is made out of brass; a pure metal object. This was my aha moment.

See, metal emits natural energy. It's placement in any home does affect a sector. In fact It's a good remedy for Flying Star 5, a notable misfortune star. Consequently, this common misconception about Mirrors and Feng Shui continue to this day.

However, it's still not advisable to have a mirror facing the bed but not due to "third party" threat. Simply because of too much yang energy... Too much Yang energy may bring forth difficulty sleeping due to too much glare or reflection activities.

Youtube Channel: Instagram: @sofiarelosa

Youtube Channel: Instagram: @sofiarelosa

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