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Personal BaZi Analysis

1. Five personal questions you want me to answer to put the focus on the whole reading.

2 Favorable/unfavorable directions 3.Career affinity field of career

4. Information affinity for self-growth

5. 10 years general forecast upto 80 years 6. Monthly and Annual forecast of the current year until February 2022.

7. Actions or activities to focus on for 2021 based on your chart

BONUS: a. Qi Men Divinity

b. Personality 

c. Strengths for career 

Will ask for your birthday upon payment. Simply give me 5 days to read in advance as well as create your written report. On your free day, will conduct a con call to discuss your whole chart. Written report will be given before our call for your review. Our call can last upto 1.5 hours.

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Bullet Journal

Qi Men Dun Jia Consultation 

12  Months service, with one-time payment 
Qi men Dun Jia, basis of Sun Tzu's Art of War,  consultation using the tool to best serve you in fighting and/or picking your daily, business, career battles. The best tool to help you make better decisions.

Free BaZi Reading

12 months unlimited consultation

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Bullet Journal

Date Selection

Timing is everything!

Start your important events with the right date from business opening, wedding days, signing a new deal as well as a business negotiation. 

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Modern Living Room

Feng Shui -

Complete Audit

Complete Audit

A. Site visit for external environment assessment as well home facing direction

B. Personal interview for top goals & current issues. For goals alignment and controlling of issues.

C. Forms and floor plan assessment 

D. Video call or meet up for questions or further clarification.

E. Best directions for all occupants.

F.  Great Sun formula for renovation, placement of cures.

Formulas to use for assement:

H. Xuan Kong Da Gua

I. 8 Mansions

J. 8 Doors/ Qi Men Feng Shui

K. Period 9 Compliance


a. 1 annual BaZi reading (valued at 8,500php)

b. 2 years annual audit (valued at 10,000php)

Complete reports will be given 7-10 days after the initial assessment. 

The rate below is the initial standard cost for a property audit. Price may vary depending on the size of the space.

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