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Noble stars are additional layers of Feng Shui that you can tap on a yearly basis for extra boost of your daily small wins. These stars can be activated by simply placing your water activation within a specific time and day. This has been on of my most soughted dates every year by my loyal clients. Today, I'm sharing them with you  as you start you Chinese Metaphysics journey. 


These stars are the following and their purpose.


Sun Star - For noble people helping you achieve your goals.

Dragon Virtue - Allowing you to find solutions to your problems. Making bigger obstacles smaller

Fortune Virtue - Attracting wealth opportunities or new streams of income

Moon - Star best for Communication,  Sales, Customer service, and Marketing activities enhancement, harmonious communication with family members. 


Prior to activating, know what your priorities for the month and pursue them with the help of these stars. 

Water Activation Dates for 2024

₱6 000,00Price
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