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Yang Water Monkey forecast for 2019

Day Pillar - Yang Water Monkey

Day Pillar is part of a Bazi Chart which is an important source of information. This allows us to see the personality of an individual, ideal partner, as well their personalized 12 months forecast.

Forecast is not Fortune Telling. These are set of opportunities that you can maximize, change, and/or avoid through your actions. Again, this is only a guide.

Before I get ahead of my self, here is how you get your day pillar, log in and input the necessary data.

Yang Water Monkey

2019 can be a bumpy year for you. Rest assured, you can see though all this by being patient and practice diplomacy. You may encounter disagreements with your superiors; learn to manage your words to avoid escalating the issue. This is not the best year to move jobs.


Budgeting is the key for 2019. Be smart handling your finances, avoid making hasty decisions or risky investments.


You may feel unappreciated at work. Due to this, you will feel resigning or leaving your current job. Don't. It's not an ideal time for you to change jobs. Focus on your current job and secure your position. It's best to be industrious at your current job.


If single, best to focus on other aspects this year as this is not a good year to find romance. If married, now is the time to focus on each other as you continue to be strong for each other. Honor and respect your relationship by avoiding cheating.


You may experience emotional issues or mental turmoil due to stress otherwise health is alright. Go for a relaxing activities to avoid the negative energy. Going for a regular medical check up wouldn't hurt either.

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