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A very interesting perspective on how we should treat money got my attention.

Ken Honda, Zen billionaire from Japan explained, your treatment towards money dictates its influence over you.

The more you fear losing it becomes much harder to accumulate;

In the same manner, if you treat it with too much power, despite achieving you end up unfulfilled.

Either way, both feelings lead to anxiety and stress.

He advises a simple gesture by thanking your money the moment it comes in or you spend it.

As you do this, this will help eliminate your anxiety and stress and replace your vibration with gratitude towards money.

As gratitude continuously fills our hearts, we tend to focus more on what matters and utilize our energy by sustaining, focusing, and thriving on what you are grateful for.

Say, if you have a job or business you become more grateful for it by working your hardest and providing more value to everyone around you.

And because you are so good at what you do, your presence can never be ignored.

Direct wealth and Indirect wealth in any chart indicates the level of wealth opportunities you may have in your lifetime. However, always remember the number of wealth stars in your chart is not as important as how they are placed.

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