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Unleashing your Creativity

Oh, how I love holidays. It's the day that I'm totally and fully guilt free in studying, thinking, and talking about Bazi and Feng shui all day.

This morning, I'm finally done reading a Feng Shui thesis from University of Technology Sydney, Australia. It was such a good read and got me pumped up! I wanted to read more. In the process of my additional reading, I realized that I am lucky to have found my passion that allows me to unleash my creativity.

See, in a BaZi chart to see if a person is creative we look for the Eating God or EG. If you have this in your chart specially if it's placed under your day master, you are creative, my dear. You either dont know it or just forgot about it.

Not all are given that opportunity to showcase their skills because of lack of time or limited resources. Yet, you continue to experience life like something is missing.

See, when I started my Feng Shui studies i always kept it in the dark. I was afraid to be judged or thought of as a failure. I finally found the strength to careless. I knew someone needs my help so fuck the judgement.

Since you are still reading my article to this point, the universe is finally telling you just do it. If you haven’t found it, don’t stop looking for it. There might be something you have been wanting to do while someone is drowning right now and in need of inspiration.

Showcase your skills and express it! In one small way or form you might change someone's life.

Happy Independence day!! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!

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