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Trust and Support

No matter how hardworking you are for as long as you do not gain the trust from your clients, colleagues, supervisors, etc. you can never get the support you will ever need to move forward in life.

Without trust and support...everything you do becomes useless.

These are the initial challenge every starting entrepreneur will always encounter. Followed by proving your business can stay consistent with their trust.

Overcoming such process can sometimes take months and even years to master. However, with consistency you can be assured of monetary return or business opportunities.

Wu Earth day masters are the pillar of trust and great supporters you would want to come across with.

"Patience is a virtue" is their life's mantra and can be very stubborn with what they believe in.

However, if not supported well or backed with balancing stems, in their BaZi charts, they can sometimes be lazy.

When all is well, one of their focus in life is to provide and to make sure they outlast anyone in their chosen field.

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