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"Treat stress as your best friend"

I recently re-watched Kelly McGonigal's TED video about how we should treat stress. She provided insights on how our body changes the moment we condition ourselves into accepting that challenges were made to help us become better.

Unfortunately, we have been given ample conditioning that stress is bad for you and deteriorate our health.

Unbeknownst to us, the act of thinking that stress is bad for you is one of major causes of death. Again. Let me reiterate. THE ACT OF THINKING THAT STRESS KILLS YOU has become one of the major causes of death. Let it sink in.

Studies have shown the moment we change our conditioning towards stress our body responds in a much healthier way. The moment our heart rises, it's simply preparing yourself for the challenge and making sure you have the right oxygen going into your brain to help us think clearly. That's it.

But why am I telling you this? Every BaZi chart has its own clash, harm, etc. Rest assured, when they happen, problems, emotional hurt, or changes will occur in your life.

When I do BaZi reading I never hide them. I show and point the possibility of what could happen; not scare but to prepare.

Our problems are our daily battles. Like any battle, preparation is key. The moment you know your strengths and weakness, properly placed your defenses, made sure all your people or loved ones are assembled and changed your conditioning, you already won half the battle.

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To watch Kelly McGonigal's complete video, click here

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