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The Myth of the Fu Dogs

I had a very interesting call this morning… A friend-turned-follower called and ask a very good question about Fu Dogs placement in the front door.

Fu Dogs are “New Age” charms placed at the façade of any building or home that promises to protect it from thieves or harm.

When Feng Shui was discovered 3000+ years ago, of course they made scriptures of their studies. So, here is the Clincher. In those studies no note was ever written that a Fu Dog can protect your home or an invention of any charm can produce its magical power to manifest your heart’s desire. Nada. In fact, they were never used back then.

During the Imperial China, there were different kinds of stones placed in front door, round, square, Fu Dogs, etc. They either represented a military, civil officers, or royalties. Guess what Fu Dog represented? Yes, Royalties.

When they wanted to marry off their children or daughter, they look for a family with the same ranking. These are the badges that you look for. That’s it.

My personal take on this, it’s basically a badge telling everyone that a rich, famous and powerful family lives here, so don’t fuck with this household.

In a nutshell, if you want to protect your home from theft or bad people, lock all your doors and install CCTV cameras.

P.S. I actually own a very expensive handmade Fu Dogs. I still keep them but I use these as a beautiful door stoppers. :D

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**Credits to the owner of the Fu Dogs Image**

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