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Self -discipline

Self-discipline easy to say yet hard to accomplish.

Most people think, to succeed in life it all boils

down to luck.

Being a BaZi analyst, Oh No. Luck is NOT THE ONLY answer.

If all your life all you did was stay in your comfort zone or not pursued in having the discipline in maximizing your skill sets, I promise you no matter the auspicious luck pillar that comes your way, you probably won't feel it.

Everything great in life comes with self-discipline.

The discipline to get up to focus on what you can do today to make yourself better.

The discipline to do even your most dreaded task to help you move the needle.

So here are my simple tips to help you jumpstart your life with discipline

1. Find a place in your space that would allow you to think and self reflect on the things you want out of life

2. Start by creating a to-do list minimum of three items and make sure at least one task will is one step closer to your goal.

3. Do this every day and commit to making them happen.

When a Rooster hour pillar meets the Annual Pillar Rooster, the inability to stay focused becomes paramount. So, if you are currently going through this creating a list and committing to making them happen will help eliminate deviating from your focus.

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