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Resisting Change

As I have always said, to have a thriving business, you must be able to create, serve, and improve.

Create to solve a market's problem, serve them with consistency, and always improve.

However, sometimes, a business owner can encounter a rut.

Innovation or adapting to change is deprioritized due to constant distraction in solving the problems of our current climate.

Due to this some end up surviving than seeking to thrive.

We all know change is always painful. It's never easy.

You have to roll with the punches until you get back up.

You have to adapt.

Resisting the change or waiting for things to get back to normal is a huge disservice to yourself

Constantly looking at what you can't get is one sure way to stop you from adopting.

Stop staring at the lost opportunities so you could see what's meant for you.

In Feng Shui, when stars combine the effect of the activation changes. Case in point, 3-1. This combination, if activated properly, can bring curiosity, intelligence, and drive to be action-oriented.

If activated positively, occupants can be curious to find the steps that would help them adapt and making sure these steps are implemented accordingly.

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