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In BaZi, the elements that we seek for our love relationships depend on the gender of the chart owner.

If Male, we seek IW and DW;

If Female, we seek to DO or 7K;

If the same gender, we seek F;

We can either see this in our natal, luck, and annual chart. When we see this in the luck pillar this can refer to the decade when you will meet or marry "the one".

However, BaZi will not tell you if this will last. Making the relationship last solely relies on you.

At the end of the day, your choice to sign or not to sign the divorce or annulment papers, right?

This I can truly say, the only way for a relationship work is not to expect your partner to fulfill your happiness. Expectation sets your relationship for failure.

It's your job to make yourself happy.

It's your job is to love yourself and embrace your flaws.

Once you are finally full, it would be much easier for you to give love to your partner without expectations.

And because your partner loves you, they will do the same.


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