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Managing Emotions

Having a Rat in my luck pillar, I have had my fair share of emotional volatility in this year-breaker-month. ⁣

I would find myself easily agitated or emotional over mundane things. Goodness. ⁣

I would drag myself to find my center especially on days I'm feeling down. ⁣

Needless to say, I forgot that I have control over emotions. ⁣

I forgot that happiness is a choice. ⁣

However, in order to get to that sincerest happiness, I needed to know what was causing this. ⁣

Having been so busy these past weeks, I didn't have time to exercise, study, do my sage mode, etc. ⁣

I was too focused on the things I needed to accomplish. I was no longer filling my soul which then brought me to my irritable self. ⁣

Learning to manage your emotions or staying rational, in a world filled with emotional volatility, is not a skill we are born with. It's developed. ⁣

As Robert Green puts it, "Rationality is achieved through awareness and effort. It doesn't come naturally. It comes from the maturation process." ⁣

Rat and Horse clash can cause restlessness and mood swings. However, if the clash is beneficial in your chart this may also bring you popularity. ⁣


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