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June 6-July 6, 2023 | BaZi, Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia|

Hi Loves!!

Here are this month's Qi Men Direction, Monthly forecast, Sage Direction, Feng Shui, and Water activation!

BaZi Calculator:

Monthly Qi Men Direction for June 2023


Back Facing: Southeast

Wealth Increase opportunities

“Chief, lead me to the right actions, and ideas that will allow me to solve many problems of my clients/colleagues/supervisors. Through my solution, they see the value of my presence and be more than willing to pay me what I deserve.”


Jia Wood -


An investment opportunity may arise this month or as your wealth increases you may want to flex all your earnings or wealth. Before flexing be sensitive instead use it as a means to inspire others.

Flexing will only attract ill-intent individuals. Give Kim Kardashian as an example. She said so herself, after the incident, she realized that flaunting too much wealth is not good.

Yi Wood


A good month to stay productive in terms of career. You may easily find new ideas for wealth generation. Once you do act on and implement the soonest. This will be good as a new stream of income or to help increase your wealth

Bing Fire

Competition may be strong this month. Do not share your ideas to anyone as someone may take this and grab credit.

Best to listen to your ideas on how you can beat your competion.

Ding Fire

A good month to embrace attention. Accept any social event that may come your way simply embrace that comes with it. Hug the limelight eventually this will help lead to new ideas.

Wu earth

A good month to go out and mingle to meet new individuals. New interactions can lead to new sets of noblemen that will be beneficial for your growth.

Ji earth

Extra careful of your expenses this month. there might be a situation tha you may have to spend on your mother or a family member.

If you have to spend look for things that give return. Education, assets, etc.

Geng Metal


Changes in your environment may make you a bit emotional. Always remember that changes can be good if you initiate it yourself.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you by letting it decide for you. Instead, use this time to increase your meditation schedule to help clear your mind.

Xin Metal

DR 7k

Be extra careful of your activities as you are prone to injuries, accidents, or illness. Make health a priority this month.

A busy time in career or business. Issues may need to be addressed the soonest possible time to avoid problems from growing.

Ren Water

7k DW

Challenges and problems may plague the workplace this month. Do not hesitate to seek help when you get overwhelmed. Focus on one task at a time. Do not let these challenges dishearten you. Everything will soon come to pass.

Gui Water


Good month for wealth! You may see some changes in your investments. This may see an increase or decrease in value. If there is any investment opportunity that you can see as you face changes in your situation, best to pay attention to them. Learn about the investment and practice due diligence, so you could make the most of the opportunity.



  • Increased in knowledge and intelligence this month and creativity

  • A good month to expand business or new ventures. MAy see promotion as well for employees.

  • Couples staying in this sector may find harmony in this sector. However, there may be bouts of mood swings. Always remember to stay calm to help maintain a sense of clarity in making decisions


  • Avoid the area, especially with pre-existing conditions. Health issues may progress further this month especially if there are bad forms. This may lead to emergency surgery.

  • If you stay in this sector and work with heavy equipment extra careful as you may be prone to work accidents.


  • Individuals in fire industries may see an increase in income this month. A good time to show your skills to get recognized

  • If single and looking for love, you may not be lucky this month. Instead, focus on other things for the time being.


  • Prone to robbery and theft this month. Best to double-check finances to help avoid this from happening. Audit your business.

  • An increase in arguments and disputes may be possible this month.

  • Occupants may be prone to feeling lonely


  • If the bedroom is located in this area this can bring in trigger arguments between couples due to suspicion and jealousy. Best to deal with this with communication to avoid progressing the argument.

  • People in real estate may see improved and recognized performance this month.

  • Though best to avoid especially if you have pre-existing mental illness.

  • Occupants in this sector may be prone to accidents this month if they have bad external forms in your SW area.


  • Not a good month to make money. Investments may lead to major financial losses. The same goes for health, stress-related, or preexisting conditions.


  • You may have to deal with politics at work. May have to face rivals in the workplace. Best not to worry about rivals and focus on what contribution you can bring to solve problems.

  • A good area for students especially when preparing for exam.

  • Good room for couples this month


  • Best for both couples to give each other a breather. Make sure you give your spouse enough space to think and process as well as to discover themselves.

  • Good area for writers to publish their books

  • PRoperty development field may see an increase in opportunities.

Monthly Activation

June 10 at 11:30am-12:30pm (Clash with Snake)

June 27 at 3:30pm-4:30pm (Clash with Dragon)

Sun Star - SE1 (112.6°-127.5°)

Dragon Virtue - NW1 (292.6°-307.5°)

Fortune Virtue - N2 (352.6-7.5°)

Moon - S2 (172.6-187.5)

Sun Star - For noble people helping you achieve your goals.

Dragon Virtue - Allowing you to find solutions to your problems. Making bigger obstacles smaller

Fortune Virtue - Attracting wealth opportunities or new streams of income

Moon Star is best for Communication skills, Sales, Customer service, and Marketing activities enhancement

It's imperative to follow these dates and hours. If you don't, activation is voided. Lastly, do not activate two or more sectors at the same time as this affects health.

How to activate (choose any method):

1. Place a pail of water with a water pump. The pump is necessary we need water to stay active. Leave it for two/or three weeks. The pail should be 2-3 feet and full of water. Make sure to keep this clean. Do not cover. Another activation to use is lighting a candle or aromatherapy candle. (Although this activation method gives a slower and smaller impact than water).

2. Stay in the sector for at least an hour a day. Use this as your thinking place.

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