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How it all started...

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Finally, listening to my mentor in the flesh, Dato Joey Yap

Those who are close to me are aware that I’m very fascinated with Chinese Metaphysics - Bazi & Feng Shui- since in my early 20s.

Before I proceed...

1. NO, Chinese Metaphysics is NOT and has nothing to do with RELIGION.

2. NO, Classical Feng Shui is NOT about placement of feng shui charms and turning your home like a Chinese Restaurant. In layman's term, these are tools, based on environmental science, to help you find your best abilities for better personal choices, and better opportunities. Plus, the rich and famous use this. :-)

Hard work and personal faith are always significant achieving success and happiness. ALWAYS. Chinese Metaphysics is simply a in boost getting what you desire. In the end, if you don't know what you want and/or if you are lazy, these tools will be useless.

I started learning about Feng Shui in 2008...II applied and it worked! By 2015, I wanted to learn more so I started hiring a master. But when 2017 came, my curiosity became a bottomless pit.

In the same year, I attended a school to put progress my hobby.

Eventually, my fascination became an obsession. On my spare time, I conduct further research, gave free Bazi, Feng Shui readings to develop my practice better. I study other charts of almost everyone I know and asses every place or stare at anyone for face reading at every chance I get.

After getting several good reviews, my-first-critic-and-thought-I-was-becoming-crazy-but-now-my-number-one-supporter Chino persistently convinced me to make a profession out of it. :-)

So here I am. This is my coming out of the closet post. I practice Bazi reading, Classical Feng Shui, Date selection and Face reading. YES, I am now accepting consultancy. <3

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