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Hiring the Right Master

Let's face it. Getting a Feng Shui consultant is expensive; the least thing they can do is do their fucking job right? Well, I had my fair share of losses 'coz I was clueless when I hired an incompetent one. But Thank God for his mistakes...I am now my own Master. Ahahaha! So, without further are the ideal steps a Feng Shui consultant does when assessing your home for a comprehensive reading (By the way, there is also blue print or floor plan reading, I'll discuss that next time). 1. They request a Map. If you are a fan since day 1 you would know by now that Qi flow comes from the mountains. So, the practitioner is then going to check how far your space from the Qi source. But, hey, not all mountains are good...suffice it to say this requires professional eyes. 2. Drive around the property. Taking note of everything that surrounds your location. Feng Shui is a science of so many layers and the most vital is the external environment. So, learning the 101 gets you a long way...not the only way but a long way. 3. Next asses the space or property. The practitioner will now check the soil, internal environment of the space. If your space freely accepts the Qi flow. Shapes or form of a property also gives different meanings. Did I say the consultant needs to use a compass? Yes, compass is very very important. 4. They request for Blue print or House plan. This where they demarcate the 8 direction and the trigrams while they fit in all they have found outside and inside your property. Aligning your goals to your home, birthdays of the occupants will be requested as well. This process takes at least 1-2 weeks before giving a full recommendation. Wait, not all Feng shui require renovation. In the event you have some problematic area and cant afford to renovate, your master should be able to give you alternative solutions. NO, this doesn’t mean they should offer charms or trinkets. In fact the moment they ask you to buy Ba gua, etc., zone out and think of happy thoughts. If neither of these steps was ever done, get up; grab a bucket of ice cream... 'coz you have been cheated. Youtube Channel Instagram @sofiarelosa #BaziPH #FengshuiPH #FacereadingPH

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