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Feng Shui is NOT a Religion

Coming from a very religious background, It took my husband a while to convince me to turn my Chinese Metaphysics learning into an additional profession.

Not because they are related in anyway or form but I wasn't sure if I have the ability to explain their difference.

I understand where skeptics are coming from. Of course, before I started using it I thought the same thing! It was a charms worshiping cult! Hahahaha!

It's not. I'm sorry to disappoint. Its a just tool you could use based on environmental science and using it in your favor. Nothing more. Nothing less.

We are more connected to our environment whether we like or not. Feng Shui & Bazi speaks this language.

Both are not the answer to everything but it gives you a little boost to face all challenges and to win in the end. #BaziPH #FengshuiPH #FacereadingPH

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