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Feng Shui Charms: Why they never work.

Trust me when I say they don't work. Remember, I started following Feng Shui since 2008? Yeah, I have spent thousands upon thousands on Feng Shui Charms. A very expensive price to learn from experience.

See, principles of Feng Shui have been linked to 2nd Law of Thermodynamics- Entropy. Yes, time to refresh your memory on Physics.

Remember my last post where Feng Shui is all about energy? Yeah? Good, so is Entropy. Or should i say the other way around? Hehehe

Entropy is our basic law on disorder as well as the transformation from high to low energy or vice versa. In Feng Shui, disorder in a space or clutter blocks the Qi flow. More so, using additional active energy, i.e water formation, to activate stagnant energy.

So, since Feng Shui Charms are merely things that don't produce active energy, they become space consuming clutter that add to disorder. Similar to KonMari, other than sparking joy, she brings peace to a space by placing order.

Lastly, as Entropy explains, energy doesn't stay put. It moves. In Feng Shui, we have annual flying stars. Yes, the stars move daily, monthly, and yearly. Again, how can you expect a charm, that doesn't emit active energy, to change the energy for a space? Uhm...Duh?

So, if you are planning on buying Feng Shui charms...Don't. Save it or buy a shirt!

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