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Feb 4- March 5, 2023 Monthly Forecast, Sage Direction, Feng Shui and Water Activation

Hi Loves!!

Here are our Qi Men Direction, Monthly forecast, Sage Direction, Feng Shui and Water activation for this month!

BaZi Calculator:

Monthly Qi Men Direction for February 2023

Back Facing: Northeast

“I am protected from all negativity and harm. I have clarity on how I can best serve others”


Jia Wood

A good month to focus on networking. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends and family for opportunities as well as new ideas.

Yi Wood

Extra careful with you finances to avoid unwanted losses. Instead find opportunity to build your network. Get our of your comfort zone and get yourself out there to meet interesting people

Bing Fire

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Keep calm and think things through. We don’t want any actions that could lead to regret.

Ding Fire

Extra attention to your health this month. If neglectful may experience loss of wealth due health issues.

Wu Earth

Month may be heavy and problematic. Doesn’t mean you should neglect your health and time with family. Take time to rest and take breather. Resting and time with friends and family can help give you new perspective

Ji Earth

Create a system so you can easily address problems coming in this month. Listing important details and doing things one at a time will be your key to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Geng Metal

An opportunity for windfall this month! This may come from a salary increment that you have been working hard for these past months or years.

Xin Metal

Make the most of the wealth opportunity that may present this month. It’s a good month to stay busy.

Ren Water

Maximize and capitalize on the creativity that you are experiencing this month. List all your ideas so you can back to it later on. It’s good for you to implement these ideas.

Gui Water

If you hate attention, this month may be difficult for you. To make the most of the month, learn to appreciate the attention you are getting. Use this time to show the other side of you that they haven’t seen before. You most capable and best version of you that you have been too shy of sharing.

BEST FENG SHUI Sector for the Month

North - A good month for developing your personal branding as well as activating Peach Blossom star Four.

Monthly Activation

Feb 27, 2023 at 3:15m - 4:15pm (Clash with Dragon)

Sun Star - (112.6°-127.5°)

Dragon Virtue - (292.6°-307.5°)

Fortune Virtue - (352.6-7.5°)

Moon - (172.6-187.5)

Sun Star - For noble people helping you achieve your goals.

Dragon Virtue - Allowing you to find solutions to your problems. Making bigger obstacles smaller

Fortune Virtue - Attracting wealth opportunities or new streams of income

Moon Star is best for Communication skills, Sales, Customer service, and Marketing activities enhancement

It's imperative to follow these dates and hours. If you don't, activation is voided. Lastly, do not activate two or more sectors at the same time as this affects health.

How to activate (choose any method):

1. Place a pail of water with a water pump. The pump is necessary we need water to stay active. Leave it for two/or three weeks. The pail should be 2-3 feet and full of water. Make sure to keep this clean. Do not cover. Another activation to use is lighting a candle or aromatherapy candle. (Although this activation method gives a slower and smaller impact than water).

2. Stay in the sector for at least an hour a day. Use this as your thinking place.

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