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We may find this month t a bit more volatile in terms of our emotions and mood. Some may find themselves experiencing bouts of depression, sad, lethargic, confused about what to prioritize.

This is due to the Bing Fire combined with Dog entering into a season filled with the water element.

This is normal. You are not alone.

The question now becomes what are you gonna do about it?

Being aware of this volatility helps in allowing you to step back so you could see your emotions from a distant perspective.

Being aware that this is a temporary wave gives you more power to take control of your emotions.

If you are in any way feeling this way today, and in dire need to be productive.

  1. Make small steps. It doesn't matter how small just as long as you do something to help you get up.

  2. Once you made that small step stretch it a bit more while giving your focus to the farthest that you can do for the day. Reserve your hardest task on your better days.

  3. Remember this throughout the day, small steps are better than nothing at all.

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