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These past months, in the Philippines, have been monumental. Day in day out it's all I hear in our news.

As I keep myself informed, I noticed the rampant shades of hate, and resentment that's being thrown at each other for something they have no control over.

For years, it's been a conscious effort of mine to avoid reading the news primarily to avoid getting stressed.

Eventually, I realized as I avoided reading the news the more I have energy and time in focusing on everything I'm very very grateful for; my family & friends, my staff, my clients, and my businesses.

Since then, I only read the news when I want to be informed.

If it wasn't for COVID, you may never see me reading the news. I never had time for it; never wanted to make time for it.

I have always thought it's just an added stress to an already trying time.

If you are currently drawn to the ever-volatile news and it's currently eating you up, take a break from reading.

Don't let it fill your days.

Instead, fill your mornings that bring you joy. Fill the evenings that make you smile.

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