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Creating a healthy routine

A sustainable daily healthy routine will always fill you mentally, physically and sometimes spiritually as you face a brand new day. ⁣

Unfortunately, some discontinued their reliable routine the moment our quarantine started. ⁣

On top of that, started unhealthy habits of constant drinking (alcohol) or simply binge-watching. ⁣

As Mel Robbins puts it, a daily routine creates an executive function for any individual. ⁣

Without this, anyone can drift away slowly by affecting our mental state. ⁣

Sustaining a routine that fills you helps you to stay grounded by being control of your emotions and mind. ⁣

Bing Fire day masters, unbeknownst to them, require a daily routine to help them function effectively. ⁣

Some may call this priming or conditioning, at the end of the day it's a series of positive and healthy actions that allow you to open yourself to productivity instead of slowly deteriorating from doing nothing. ⁣

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