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BLOG #29 Feng Shui and Health

Health is Wealth, we all know this. No matter the opportunity that may come our way if our body and mind are not in their best state, we couldn't and wont be able to maximize these opportunities. This is the 2nd most queries I get be it for BaZi or Feng Shui. To check if your home is properly designed to tap the health and wellness sector, best to find where your Heavenly doctor sector is. Every home has its distinct location based on its Natal chart. If your room is located in the sector, you are well in luck! Now, to achieve the maximum potential, align your bed to your health and wellness direction. Viola! Easy peasy. By the way, if your health is A Ok, this is best used by our elderly folks or anyone who is experiencing chronic illness, diseases, or any health issue. However, do take note before you align your bed though make sure it follows all basic room placement to avoid clashing with the Qi. Say for instance, a Sha Chi will be pointing at your bed should you re-align in in your favorable direction or it will be facing the annual illness star. Always remember, external environment supersedes everything Download your FREE Feng shui 2019 booklet: Youtube Channel: Facebook Page : Instagram: @sofiarelosa #BaziPH #FengshuiPH #FacereadingPH #BaZi #Fengshui #Fengshuiconsultant #chineseastrology #chinesemetaphysics #fengshuilife #fengshuilifestyle #baziReading #baziReading #positiveEnergy #positivelife #energyhealing

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