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Blog #10: Four Factors of a Good Feng Shui

When my Chinese Metaphysics Teacher, Joey Yap, said he charges Php 6,500,000 for every Feng Shui consult...I was blown away and I understood why. A complete Feng Shui reading takes time and intensive research. Since we are in life changing business, we take every reading delicately. One wrong interpretation can have an adverse effect to anyone living in a space. Don't worry my rates are way way way waaaay less than his. Hahaha!

When looking for a new home, office, Man cave or Lady cave, these are the four factors of having a good Feng Shui.

1. Environment - These are the mountains, water formation properly formed and aligned surrounding your space.

2. Structure formation of your home or office - This is where we asses if the Qi flows freely without obstructions. In this same factor, we make use of the Flying Stars for our long & short term goals.

3. Time - Every periods of time have different cycles of energy. The reference point of this is the year when your home or office structure was built.

4. The People - Every individual has its own favorable and unfavorable direction. In summary, a good Feng Shui has all the right alignment to your favorable direction.

So, the endless saying that, "Your home should be Facing the East because it's Sunrise" is not the only answer to a good Feng Shui.

Honestly, alot failed manifesting a good Feng Shui because they only followed the East principle.

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