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BaZi : Destiny Map. Life's Cheat Sheet 

Yesterday, I was asked if I do "Manghuhula". It was an understandable question since not all are aware of BaZi specially here in the Philppines. In fact, when I first told my friends I was attending BaZi classes, ALL of them heard it for the first time. Anyhoot, BaZi was discovered in 618-907 AD during Tang Dynasty. Back then to get a BaZi reading, people had to travel miles and miles away to get to a temple or meet with a Master. Chinese astrology is much embedded to the Chinese culture that even Confucius used it himself. In terms of accuracy (this was also asked yesterday), BaZi never and does not lie. Information given will depend on the interpretation of an analyst. The in dept literacy of how much an analyst knows in terms of clashes or combinations is what you look and pay for. So, going back to the question about manghuhula or fortune tellers... NO. BaZi Readers are Destiny Analyst. Our Job is to help understand a person's character, skills, career affinity, aligning them to help achieve their goals. Forecasting comes in to find out opportunities that may come your way. They are never made to scare the shit out of you. It's made for you to manage your plan of action so you could control the outcome. The ultimate goal of any analyst, is for you stay on your game, win your battles, and attain your goals.

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