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Aug 8-Sept 8, 2023 | BaZi, Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia|

Hi Loves!!

Here are this month's Qi Men Direction, Monthly forecast, Sage Direction, Feng Shui, and Water activation!

BaZi Calculator:

Monthly Qi Men Direction for August 2023


Back Facing: SOUTHWEST

Wealth Increase opportunities

“Chief, lead me to the right actions and ideas that will allow me to solve many problems of my clients/colleagues/supervisors. Through my solution, they see the value of my presence and be more than willing to pay me what I deserve.”

Day Masters

Jia Wood -

Legal problems, stress, and backstabbing may plague you this month. Learn to pick your battles. Focus on issues that can be detrimental to your growth and peace of mind.

Seek to delegate some of your tasks so you have the mental space to address bigger problems.

Yi Wood -

Change in business or career environment, New authority or a new lifestyle, or changes in terms of relationship with your husband if you are married.

Bing Fire

May be invited to a new investment opportunity, if selling a property or renting out one of your properties, you may see it getting sold or occupied this month. Otherwise, may see a bonus, and commission release this month.

Ding Fire

May see yourself getting busier this month. Which is a blessing, especially in this current climate. Maximize all opportunities and make sure to practice good work ethics so you can see the extension and expansion of your effort meaning you gain more clients.

Wu Earth

You may see a creativity streak this month. Thoughts and patterns you may have that will help solve many problems or may lead you to create or build something new that's coming from your own thoughts.

Ji Earth

This may lead to receiving much negative attention towards you this month. Every act you make or have made attracts attention from others. Use this time to showcase your skillsets. Be in the forefront to address problems. Take the lead in solving problems so you could show what you are capable of.

Geng Metal

A good month to focus on networking or spending time with family. If you are a snake, Tiger and monkey, especially in your day master, you may encounter situations that will allow you to be actively close or spend more time with your family and friends. A Good time to focus on quality time with people you are close to.

Xin Metal

You may have to face spending money in order to solve a problem. Pay attention to the details of business and financial management, there may be a loss of wealth that is brought by negligence, fraud, or disagreements. See what you can do so you can improve your finances.

Ren Water

May be overly emotional or self-esteem may be quite low this month. Best not to make decisions based on your feelings as this will only lead to regrettable outcomes.

Gui Water

Issues with health may plague you this month especially if you have a clashing animal in your Day and Hour pillar. This may lead you to focus on your health this month.

Feng Shui

North - Not a good sector for couples. This may trigger many arguments and disputes that could lead to separation. Keep open communication if your Bedroom is in the industry and emphasize with your partner.

East - if this area is your Bedroom and you have chronic stomach issues, you may see it getting triggered this month. Otherwise, prone to having ulcers, gallstones, or liver-related health issues.

Extra mindful of your finances as you are prone to money losses this month,

Northeast - If in a relationship or married, best to avoid this sector as this may lead to further arguments this month. However, if you are in the trading industry, you may see an increase in financial rewards this month.

West - Be careful of where you go or pay extra attention to your safety this month. You can be prone to robbery this theft, especially if this area is activated.

Southwest - If this is your most active area and you are currently selling a property, you may see success in selling your property this month. If you are an employee, your current workplace will need you more and increase your workload.

South - Staying in the sector may open doors for traveling this month. If you are in a counseling business, you may see an increase in reputation this month.

Southeast - You may have to deal with clients that need extra attention this month or you may need to handle more problems in the workplace this month. Be patient and continue to stay calm all your efforts will be recognized as someone entirely professional.

Northwest - Married couples be wary of this sector as this month may bring more arguments within the household. This may lead to strained relationships this month. Commit to have open communication and sit down and work together.

Center - May be prone to bickering with all women in the household or in-laws. Bring diabetic problems because of the adverse effect on the pancreas or rheumatism.

Monthly Activation

Aug 10, 2023 - 3:30pm-4:30pm (Clash with Horse)

Aug 26, 2023 - 3:30pm-4:30pm (Clash with Dog)

Sun Star - SE1 (112.6°-127.5°)

Dragon Virtue - NW1 (292.6°-307.5°)

Fortune Virtue - N2 (352.6-7.5°)

Moon - S2 (172.6-187.5)

Sun Star - For noble people helping you achieve your goals.

Dragon Virtue - Allowing you to find solutions to your problems. Making bigger obstacles smaller

Fortune Virtue - Attracting wealth opportunities or new streams of income

Moon Star is best for Communication skills, Sales, Customer service, and Marketing activities enhancement

It's imperative to follow these dates and hours. If you don't, activation is voided. Lastly, do not activate two or more sectors simultaneously as this affects health.

How to activate (choose any method):

1. Place a pail of water with a water pump. The pump is necessary; we need water to stay active. Leave it for two/or three weeks. The pail should be 2-3 feet and full of water. Make sure to keep this clean. Do not cover. Another activation to use is lighting a candle or aromatherapy candle. (Although this activation method gives a slower and smaller impact than water).

2. Stay in the sector for at least an hour a day. Use this as your thinking place.

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