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April 5-May 5, 2023 - BaZi | Feng Shui | Qi Men Dun Jia

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Here are this month's Qi Men Direction, Monthly forecast, Sage Direction, Feng Shui, and Water activation!

BaZi Calculator:

Monthly Qi Men Direction for April 2023


Back Facing: North

Health & Healing

“No matter what happens, I attract wealth opportunities and noble people to help me achieve my financial independence. ”


Jia Wood

EG - IW DR and RW

Creativity shining through. Best to pay attention as there are opportunities that you can get from your own creativity. If you are running out of ideas, learn something new this month. Sudan issues may come that may lead you to spend in order to get this solved.

Yi Wood

HO - DW - IR & F

All eyes on you this month. You may experience petty issues along with it. Make the opportunity to showcase your skills and embrace attention. Use this as a way to meet new and interesting people. If you be best for you to increase your network.

Bing Fire

F- EG - DO - DR

Network is your net worth. A good month to make changes in the people you hang out with. As you expand your network so will be your allies. You can learn a thin or two from every one you get meet .

Ding Fire

RW - HO - 7k - IR

You may see yourself getting more popular than usual this month. IF not, extreme completion may be in the forefront of this month. IF you have to spend, spend on things that allow you to grow and increase in value.

Wu Earth

IR - F - DW-DO

heightened emotions may get the best of you this month. IF you have a rabbit in your day pillar there are indications of health issues if not careful with your diet and activities. Changes in the workplace may take place during this month.

Ji Earth

DR - RW - IW- 7k

Look into collaboration with others. Sharing responsibilities and profit will help control your RW this month.

Geng Metal

7k- IR - HO -DW

Make your health and self care a priority this month. Use this time to take a breather and rest. Staying lie low will be good for you.

Xin Metal

DO - DR - EG -IW

Changes in the workplace or health this month. You may face new environment in terms of career or may experience adjustment in terms of health. Nevertheless, these changes in the workplace will lead to new opportunities for you. Adapt soonest and do not resist change so progress can soon follow.

Ren Water

IW-7k-RW -HO

Extra careful going into any investment this month. If it’s too good to be true it probably is. Practice due diligence before entering into anything this month.

Gui water

DW - DO - F - EG

Busy time for you in the workplace this month as there are changes you need to face this month. Best for you to create a system in place to help prevent you from getting overwhelmed. If you need help do not hesitate to reach out. Two heads are better than one. You can gain new ideas from others.

Feng Shui

North - best to shy away from engaging in group activities that nothing to do with you or the things you do. More so, be careful of your words as this can lead to arguments and disputes. Stay diplomatic and keep to yourself especially if ideas can cause offense.

East - If you stay in this sector, month may become unpredictable. Make sure to be prepared for any uncertainties. It would be best to focus on self than worry about other people. Generosity willl not see any appreciation this month.


Avoid making major investment this month. As you are prone to financial loss this month. Refrain from doing any risky activities this month - Prone to injuries and accidents. Avoid over straining yourself this month


A good sector for students this month especially when taking exams a good place to review and prepare for any tests.


Avoid overspending your fortune from last month. You may be prone to being taken advantage of if you are not discerning.

Addressing issues through arguments will only make things worst. Keep calm


Refrain from engaging any gossip this month. This may only bite you. Keep your opinions to yourself. A good month to look into traveling this month. IF you have RESPIRATORY diseases best to avoid this sector.


A good sector for academic pursuits.

If you bedroom is here, you may see harmonious relationship between you and your spouse this month


Risk of stomach, abdominal issues.

Best to keep quiet of your plans in your work. Keep all your thoughts to yourself to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Monthly Activation

April 12, 2023 at, 3:15m - 4:15 pm (Clash with Horse)

April 14, 2023 at 1:15pm-2:15pm (Clash with Monkey)

Sun Star - SE1 (112.6°-127.5°)

Dragon Virtue - NW1 (292.6°-307.5°)

Fortune Virtue - N2 (352.6-7.5°)

Moon - S2 (172.6-187.5)

Sun Star - For noble people helping you achieve your goals.

Dragon Virtue - Allowing you to find solutions to your problems. Making bigger obstacles smaller

Fortune Virtue - Attracting wealth opportunities or new streams of income

Moon Star is best for Communication skills, Sales, Customer service, and Marketing activities enhancement

It's imperative to follow these dates and hours. If you don't, activation is voided. Lastly, do not activate two or more sectors at the same time as this affects health.

How to activate (choose any method):

1. Place a pail of water with a water pump. The pump is necessary we need water to stay active. Leave it for two/or three weeks. The pail should be 2-3 feet and full of water. Make sure to keep this clean. Do not cover. Another activation to use is lighting a candle or aromatherapy candle. (Although this activation method gives a slower and smaller impact than water).

2. Stay in the sector for at least an hour a day. Use this as your thinking place.

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