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Anxiety, sadness and fear

Feeling sad, anxious and scared during this quarantine is normal and never a sign of weakness. ⁣

Truth is after studying BaZi's element for this pandemic and seeing its interpretation of our current situation, the first thing I felt was sadness. ⁣

I couldn't help but cry while I explained my interpretation to my husband. ⁣

After sharing my thoughts and interpretation, I told my husband I needed to accept my sadness and dwell on it for a day so I could be my best self tomorrow. ⁣

My husband is very familiar with the process and method I use when I feel emotional. ⁣

He knows to bring me to my best performance, I need to accept and embrace my human self. ⁣

As tomorrow came, like a clean slate, I am up and running chasing solutions and options. ⁣

In BaZi, when anyone is going through any emotional pain, the indirect resource is going through a clash or your day Master is going through a self-punishment. ⁣

Being so familiar with this feeling, here is my advice:⁣

1. Learn to meditate⁣

2. Seek a process to accept and confront the feeling.⁣

3. Avoid making decisions when you feel this way.⁣

4. Set yourself a realistic timeframe.⁣

5. Apply Chinese Metaphysics with this to have that extra boost.

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